We went through a string of really bad hires and it was negatively affecting the company and our bottom line. I was introduced to Kathryn at Predictive Assessments and it literally turned everything around. We started hiring the right people rather than people we liked or had a "good feeling about." Our productivity is up, the quality of our services are up, morale is up and so is our bottom line. I will never make another hire without running them through Predictive Assessments first. Thank you Kathryn and PA!

Bob H., Mailtropolis, LLC


Our company was growing at an amazing pace, and our infrastructure was having a real problem keeping up. Employees were confused about the direction the company was going and they weren’t getting realistic feedback on how they were contributing to our goals. We hired Predictive Assessments to help. They tested everyone on our team and set up a mechanism for annual 360° reviews and more frequent communications with our staff. People are happier, more productive and it feels like we’re all rowing in the same direction now. Good work PA.

David H., Kymera


We recently acquired a competitor. We were a bit concerned because due diligence showed they weren’t doing anywhere near as well as we had thought. As part of the acquisition, we brought in Predictive Assessments to analyze the employees we were getting and if they were in the right positions. What it showed is that there were a couple of people in totally wrong positions - doomed to failure if we brought them in doing the same thing - and one person whom we shouldn’t bring in at all. We took Kathryn’s advice and the results have been a dramatic turn for the better for the new team, and an almost seamless transition from 2 companies to one.

Bruce J., TCreative