Pre-Hire & Promotional Assessments

The experts at Predictive Assessments are talent assessment specialists who help you define the skills, experience and motivators necessary to build a successful workforce. We then use that information to identify verified, cost-effective and legally defensible assessment testing that allows you to reliably hire or promote the right person for the job.

360° Evaluations

360° evaluations are an invaluable tool for companies, both large and small. The 360° provides a holistic view of every employee, regardless of level. The scope of information derived from the 360° process can spotlight organizational trends, opportunities and threats that wouldn’t have otherwise been discovered.

Workplace & Sexual Harassment
Investigation & Training

Sexual Harassment has been in the news a lot lately, so it’s getting a lot of attention, and it’s about time. However, Sexual Harassment is only one of several forms of harassment defined by Title VII (of the Civil Rights Act of 1964) , the laws governing “hostile work environment” including harassment in the workplace. 26 of 50 states now require some form of Title VII training, at least for supervisors of public employees. Title Vii training is not just a good idea, it will soon be the law.

Gap Analysis

Very simply, do you have the right people, with the right skills, in the right positions to meet your company’s near and long-term goals? A Gap Analysis can help you identify the skills you need to meet your company’s goals, and what are the employee development and hiring goals necessary to fill any gaps.

M&A Testing

70% to 90 % of all Mergers & Acquisitions fail to live up to expectations due in large part to HR issues such as cultural incompatibility, ineffective and/or insufficient communication and retention of key employees. Predictive Assessments can help you plan for and deal with the people issues that get in the way of many M&As and increase your chances of success.


Predictive Assessments has the depth of knowledge and resources to assist beyond the hiring and development of human capital. From Strategic and Operational Planning to Merger and Acquisition Review, Executive Coaching to Cultural Development, Predictive assessments can help you define your path, illuminate its direction and show you to the finish line.