Sales Communication


“The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” (George Bernard Shaw)

And nowhere is that more applicable than in sales. 

Let’s face it:  if your sales are off or not meeting growth expectations, your entire organization suffers.  Can a company survive that?  Sure....for a while.  But when revenue can’t support infrastructure and capital improvements, changing client requirements, new staffing, salary increases and bonuses, or robbing Peter or pay Paul, you’re on a downward spiral. 

We’re not trying to be overly dramatic or paint a picture of doom, a popular way to sell lately—but not ours.  Regardless of whether your organization is currently successful and on a planned growth plan, happy with the status quo (we probably need to talk about that, but it’s another discussion), on a slippery slope or you’re brand new business just starting out, there are some things that can help your sales team to be vastly more successful. 

In successful advertising—you know, the commercials that make you immediately jot a product down on your shopping list or the ones that have your kids clamoring for hours—they talk about “messaging.”  That’s how they speak to a specific demographic.  A relative of mine is in  marketing management with a Fortune 100 company and he says, “If you don’t ‘get’ a commercial, it probably wasn’t intended for you.” 

Like those advertisers, the best sales people often intuitively ‘get’ that you have to change your message and style for different types of people.  Predictive Assessments can help you train both new and existing sales people to spot behaviors and characteristics in prospective clients and adjust their sales communication to meet the customer’s specific needs. If you have a current selling program that’s working for you, we augment and focus your sales team’s efforts even further.  

We teach them to be better and more active listeners.  We teach them to ask the right kinds of questions to help them spot the type of individuals with whom they’re speaking.  We teach them to modify their communication tactics to most effectively “message” those customers in the manner to which they’d best respond.  If applicable we can also help you capture your stellar sales people’s best practices and teach them to others. 

It’s not rocket science, but you and your sales team may feel as though it’s something really close.  Our small team training and ongoing support can augment your existing sales team’s efforts and teach your new sales staff to hit the ground and be more immediately successful.  Talk with Predictive Assessments to learn more about this impactful sales communication training.