Pre-Hire and Promotional Assessments

Predictive Assessments offers much more than the average pre-employment testing company. We are talent assessment specialists who help you define the knowledge, experience, motivators and behaviors necessary to build a successful workforce that aligns with your organization’s strategy and goals. That information is then used to identify reliable, cost-effective and legally defensible assessment testing that allows you to know before you hire what you will surely learn after.

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Past behaviors can, indeed, help to predict future performance.

Most companies that provide pre-hire testing offer a variety of assessments from single testing site. A hallmark of our assessment design is that we aren’t married to a single test publisher. Since we work with over 50 assessment publishers, we can design a testing protocol to quickly gather position-specific, reliable results that help to predict individual future behavior and performance. Our skilled consultants merge assessment results with insightful consultative feedback to ensure that you have the highest quality data necessary to make informed decisions in your pre-employment, promotional, developmental, redeployment or succession planning selections.

Pre and Post Employment Assessments help improve job satisfaction.

Understanding how employees will respond to each other within their jobs and work groups is a critical element that distinguishes high performing companies from mediocre or failing performers.  Predictive Assessments is the vehicle that can provide you with that understanding in clear, concise language.  Our ability to select the appropriate pre-employment, promotional and mergers & acquisitions testing, can help you hire, onboard, train and retain the talent that will help you become a high-performance organization.

Pre-employment test results should be used for more than just the selection process.

For that reason, we generally select testing tools that will give you valuable information about on-boarding, tasking, training, motivating, disciplining, developing and most effectively communicating with your employee(s) during his or her life-cycle with your company.

Offering predictive testing for all employment levels: executive, management, IT, sales/marketing, finance, administrative, call center representatives, field service technicians and telecommunications. We have provided our services to a wide variety of industries, including high-tech, healthcare, legal, business services, manufacturing, construction and trades, as well as family-held businesses.

Finding the right people to interview is part of the art.

Predictive Assessments can help you craft online job postings to set you apart from your competitors and glean stronger candidate response, all within a timely process.  If you’re inundated with resumes with little time to wade through them, our experts can review and weed out resumes from those obviously not qualified, while finally presenting a list of strong candidates for your interview and selection process.

Additionally, we can design both behavioral and skills interview training for your hiring decision makers so they can learn how to gather more focused, pertinent information from your candidates.  At times, we can actually interviews candidates, with or without your staff being present, to ensure you’re getting the highest quality information necessary to augment your company’s talent selection process.  Ask us about these services if you’d like to learn more.