Strategic and Operational Plan Design and Implementation

 If you don’t have a strategic plan as to where you want your company to be in 1 year, 3 years and 5 years, and an operational plan as to how you’re going to get there, you’re basically stumbling forward, surviving on serendipity. If you have a strategic and/or operational plan and it hasn’t been updated as recently as one year ago, you’re doing little more than falling forward in the dark. Strategic and operational planning is essential to the growth and survival of every company. Keeping it current and relevant is just as important. The professionals at Predictive assessments can help guide you through the process.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Many times, mergers and acquisitions sound great in theory, but fail to come anywhere near expectations when completed. The parties involved may be too excited by what they see as the potentials to see, or pay credence to, potential problems and pitfalls. A third-party assessment of the merits of the venture, coupled with a Gap Analysis of the individual versus joined entities can help ensure a more positive outcome for any merger or acquisition.

Executive Coaching

Are you, or someone in your organization, receiving a promotion, or part of a succession plan that will elevate them above any level of responsibility they’ve ever experienced? As an executive, do you find yourself being surprised by events and situation within your organization, especially surprises that shouldn’t have been? Don’t get caught as the personification of the “Peter Principle.” Executive coaching can help provide the training and feedback necessary for good people to be their best in any position of authority.

Organizational Design and Realignment

When a Gap Analysis illuminates “holes” in your organization, the next step is to look at how your organization is set up and how existing resources can be realigned or repurposed to better support your business goals and objectives. Often times, an uninvolved third party can accomplish this because they don’t come to the process with any preconceived ideas or loyalties. Predictive Assessments’ personnel can help guide you through the process and help side step barriers that may exist to implementation.

Designing Cultural Change in Developing Environments

As companies grow, change is inevitable, and healthy. What was “normal” or “the way we do things” is no longer relevant. Most people fear or resist change, even in environments that define change as one of their core values. Helping people on your team embrace change and channel their nervous energies in positive directions is a process that needs to be defined and managed. Turn energies that could be used for non-productive, even divisive undercurrents into positive tools for change with the help of the professionals at Predictive Assessments.