360° Performance Evaluations

360° Performance Evaluations  are an invaluable tool for companies, both large and small. The 360 Degree Performance Evaluation can provide a holistic view of each employee regardless of employee level. The totality of the information derived from this multi-rater assessment can also shine a spotlight on organizational concerns that wouldn’t necessarily have been discovered by other means. Spotting trends, both positive and concerning, is also a key feature of the360 Degree Performance Evaluation process.

The 360 Degree Performance Evaluation process gathers anonymous performance feedback from each employee’s supervisor, peers, and if applicable, direct reports. The employee also completes a self-evaluation which is then compared to the input from others selected to participate. Sometimes companies ask vendors and clients to participate in the evaluation process as well.

The detailed composite report includes individual and multi-rater feedback that provides an analysis of the subject’s strengths as viewed by others, as well as opportunities for performance development and potential derailers that could adversely affect performance.

Additionally, the 360 multi-rating system provides a way to analyze leadership and management effectiveness on both an organizational and individual manager level. Too often, senior management and executives receive limited, if any, feedback on their own performance. When combined with other performance information, the 360 adds multi-faceted, empirical feedback that can be invaluable in helping senior managers to continue to grow and evolve in their leadership roles.


The most critical element of the360 Degree Performance Evaluation process is providing direct feedback and assistance in developmental planning to both the employee and his or her direct supervisor. Too often, this process is poorly handled by untrained staff, causing stress, highly counter-productive anxiety and inaccurate feedback. Predictive Assessments works directly with both individuals and managers to ensure that highly accurate feedback forms the basis for sound employee development and retention.